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In New Mexico and Texas


Ah, New Mexico,  where the cops dont care how fast you drive and the speed limit is 75. NM is where you find deer crossing signs, ans that’s about it. Oh, and lots of tumbleweed.


Texas,  the friendly state,  won’t be too friendly if you don’t follow their road signs. Dont use the left lane unless you’re trying to pass someone. They have tornado shelters at their rest stops too. Yikes.


They say good morning when you walk in the door.

They blast country music and Taylor Swift at the gas station.

There are more cops pulling people over than in LA.

They sell magazines about guns and ammo

They are proud of their tornados

Oklahoma City’s downtown looks like this:


Roadtrippin’: Cali to AZ


Mountains in the middle of nowhere, after passing through Ludlow, CA, because we all know exactly where that is, right?


And welcome to AZ, where we are welcomed to crappy weather, and Mountain Time.

Now that I’ve somewhat successfully figured out how to upload photos to my blog, stay posted for more images of this great ole country of ours we call home.