Ahh, a day that will go down in history. Ok, fine…not really. Just a day that I got what I wanted, and I wanted it bad!: Elite status on Yelp 🙂 I loved using it when I first discovered. People helped avoid the not so yummy places and find gems that I would have otherwise disregarded. So I had to show my thanks and yelp away! I’ve been a somewhat A.D.D. Yelp user, I will admit, but I’m trying hard to battle with it: reviewing a bunch of places in one sitting, and checking in when I’ve got wi-fi (or know someone who is nice enough to let me log into yelp on their smart phone…to those, it’s like a part of you is Elite too…but just a teeny, tiny, bit). I’ll keep yelping away, which comes natural to me. And I look forward to years of elite status (let’s hope they don’t throw me off the squad real fast!).