American flag, radio,

tv, cds,

Paints, posters,

crayons, colored pencils,

Desk organizer, pencil cases

Composition books.

Reading log, writing log, math log, science log

Secret Garden, Walk Two Moons, Hunger Games.

The series is in order.


World map, calendar,

drawings, postcards,

newspaper cut outs,


off the wall


out of the corner of her eye,

Table 4 chitter chatters.


Jansport, Jansport, Jansport,

Skullcandy makes backpacks?


The Statue of Liberty, The White House, The Boston Tea Party

And the home of Thomas Jefferson?


Newberry, Mystery


National Geographic.

Time for

Scholastic News for Kids.


Kenny, Robert

Spencer, Tyler

Jacob, Jake

Take a break.


Games manager, lunch helper.

And who’s the TA?


Sawyer and Hunter, at it again,

Can’t concentrate and pause the talking.


Flowers, potting soil, old hose.

April showers bring May plant-your-own-flowers.


Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,

And Indians in a box.


Computers, keyboards, headphones,

collecting dust,

But iPads get some love.


White board, Promethean board,

Yet we can’t use either one.


Budget cuts and teacher layoffs

Lead to

Increase in class size.

Wanted and welcome: fancy gadgets.

What’s wrong with that picture?


Converse, Vans, Keds,

String, string, string.

Why can’t these girls leave

Leave cat’s cradle and friendship bracelets alone?


Office Depot pens, Ticonderoga wooden pencils.

Fractions, ratios, percents, proportions.

“I don’t get it.”

Directions, instructions.

“What do I do here?”

They never read.


Eyeglasses, hairclips, water bottles – empty and full.

Dictionaries, clocks,

Recycle bins, trashcans,

lunch bin, Paper bin, book bin,

fire extinguisher in

the room.


Fifty states, Angry Birds,

Diaries of Wimpy Kids.


Hey substitute,

“You can call me Bubba.”

“Like Bubba Gump?”

“Who’s Bubba Gump?”, says Robert “Bubba” [Gump].


Manila folders for art

and open house.


Benchmark, quizzes, tests, homework.

Lunch, recess, book fairs,

Oh, and Jump Rope for Heart.


Boy who draws,

Anxious boy,

boy who has ants in his pants,

oh boy,

there’s a Justin Bieber and a Lady Gaga.

And maybe that kid really has A.D.D.



Mirror, soap, sink, tissues, paper towels.

Tape, scissors, glue, dry erase markers


Carpet, desk, chairs, round table


Minimum days are for

Cupcakes, cookies and



But now, it’s

Time 2:00 go home.