Today is a new sheet of paper.

Maybe the day is a blank page,

Maybe it’s lined and three-hole punched.


Today could be nothing like yesterday.

But perhaps that morning meeting is page two,

Or your weeklong project is another chapter of your book.


Today you’re off to work.

Your hours are lines on a college ruled paper.

The straight blue lines are your daily routine

Every line is a task you must complete, before moving on to the next page.

When done, you’ll file the sheet away in one of your folders,

Unsure of whether you’ll come back to it or not.


Tomorrow is the weekend.

You get to fill in the white 8 ½ by 11 rectangle any way you choose.

There is no start or end point

Maybe you’ll pick a corner, or begin in the center, if you please.

After it’s complete, you might save your work of art,

But there’s a chance you might toss it and never come across it.