I can’t freaking stand them! I hate hate hate hate them. I was never big on texting nor was I ever big on using them to call someone, I much preferred my home phone when I lived at home. This way too fast moving technology is killing me. I never plan to get a smart phone, or a web enabled phone, so don’t make me get when I go to upgrade my phone! And no I don’t want to pay for insurance, totaling $200 over two years…there’s a reason I get your stinking free basic phone for a reason! And don’t ever program your phones to stop working the night the warranty expires, so you can’t even run to a local retail store or call customer service EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO. And what is this ridiculous crap with saving contacts to phone or sim…then formatting them different on each one, and not being able to transfer them all. I’m sick and tired of this. Over the break, I’ve had to save someone’s number 5 different times. And it still didn’t transfer ….I don’t know where the heck it went! And if I try to save my contacts on my computer? Well,now they’re split between my address book and my gmail contacts. Why can’t this be any easier?!?!? I think there’s a reason I prefer real journals, notebooks, and address books. The only thing you have to worry about is fire, flooding, or theft, which is less likely to happen than your phone malfunctioning or your contacts being lost.