newly discovered wines is Blush Noir by Gallo. I found this at Grocery Outlet, for as cheap as $2 a bottle, plus 20% off of my entire wine purchase…so of course i bought a case full! It’s deliciously sweet, and good even on it’s own without any food. But since it is so sweet, I’d definitely pair it with dessert or chocolate, like the website suggests. I can do dry, bitter, and not as sweet wines, but if I have the chance to go for the sweeter things in life, I’ll definitely go with the Moscatos, White Zins, and Blush Noir, if I can find it. Although people tend to think of red wines as classy, I’ll skip the “classiness” for something that is pleasing to my palate. I have had some not so bad red wines, but even those don’t make the top of my list.

While I’m on the topic of alcohol, I was enjoying Nemiroff Honey Pepper vodka the other night. (They make Cranberry too, I just learned, – I imagine it to be good). It wasn’t chilled, and as I was lectured about the other night, warm vodka is a big fat NEVER. I can’t say I was too amazed by it…the pepper burned my throat a bit (or maybe that was the spicy food I was eating). Nevertheless I was told I had to give it a chance, the next time by letting it chill before drinking. Note taken. I was also complimented (I took it as a compliment), that the Russian alcoholics would be proud of my shot-taking abilities. Looks like being Russian in America isn’t a waste after all =P       I just don’t want to бухать vodka like my fellow Russians…let’s not do 5 shots (or more) in half an hour. But if you are eating rye bread and pickles or a real meal, then maybe it’s ok…maybe. (This makes me want to ask, do people in America, non-Russians of course, drink vodka with their meals, or solely when partying/going out? For us, a few shots with dinner is absolutely normal).

I also have a bottle of Putinka, soft vodka, to try…and yes, it is similarly named to Putin for a reason, as Wiki taught me. I don’t know if the softness of it really will make a difference…I’m told it does. Stay tuned for more info. I need to be refreshed on Русский Стандарт (Russki standart) and on Столичная (I shudder when people call it Stoli!)…I know I’ve had both before, but I just don’t recall my thoughts on each. I’ve had Absolut, Blue Ice,  Grey Goose (which truly is worth its cost as it is quite smooth), and Svedka (Swedish vodka). Smirnoff I’ve had DOZEN of times. It’s getting to the point that it’s becoming BLEGH to me. What’s funny is the brand originated in Russia, as it does have the -off ending (should be Smirnov, in my opinion, to keep to its roots), but is now run by a British company. Smirnoff Vodka Ice I can still do, though I like Mike’s Hard lemonade too, for days when I’m into something with a low alcohol content.

This entry will definitely have a follow-up!