was quite the experience.  All these adolescents in a room, laughing. Laughing? Yes, laughing. They found their fellow friends. Giggled while in line. Giggled while waiting. What’s so funny? That you’re at court and under 18? Just a ticket you say? Yeah, but you’re only under 18…you shouldn’t have that ticket to begin with! One girl was using her cell phone while driving. Judge dropped it to $25…lucky her! Kid going +45 mph, (well actually he was going +60, but the cop was nice to him), in a 35 mph zone! $428, and no license for a month. And that’s because he got the NICE judge. Could have kissed that license goodbye for a whole 6 months, at least. One kid got a ticket for not wearing his helmet while riding his bike…all he had to do was bring it in, and poof, no payment required. If only life was that easy.

I was really curious about the girl who was stopped for failing to correctly stop at a stop sign (she said she stopped, but don’t they all say that?), and the cop made her breath into a breathalyzer 7 times! Seven! I’m so curious why the cop did that! There has got to be a reason! We wasted about two hours there, but I still want to know what the other teens did!

Ooh, this reminds me, time to review the SaMo Court on Yelp 🙂