I’m starting to feel a little bit better. Turns out I am sick :/ At least this wasn’t during the quarter, or finals, or my birthday! (Speaking of the quarter,  grades came out, and they were GOOD 🙂 It was bound to hit me sooner or later. I started reading Love in the Time of Cholera yesterday, while I was stuck at jury duty. It felt so weird to be able to read for PLEASURE. My goal is to get through that book by the end of break. I better get through it.

I re-discovered my love for Google calendar today.

Currently enjoying: Papiny Dochki on CTC

Currently oogling: Candy Cane Nails. Reminds me I need a damn good top coat.

“Cell phones are for answering at your convenience” – random caller to KIIS fm. I completely agree with that. If I don’t feel like talking to you, especially if you are some 866 telephone number, do not expect me to answer because YOU want to annoy me.


It’s a bit of a shattered post, representing my distraction and sickness, heads up.