So for the first time ever, I officially had a real Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey (made in champagne), gravy, and even stuffing! Usually my family has chicken, or shrimp, or even duck. But never ever have we actually gone through the effort to make a 22 pound turkey like we did today. This is definitely one for the history books!

I was looking for the perfect mashed potatoes and came across this recipe. (Yay, I think I FINALLY learned how to link websites correctly, woo hoo). They were delish! Even my bro, who always judges what we make, loved everything, turkey, gravy, and potatoes! We also had a BOMB pumpkin pie cheesecake, made by the one and only brother. He even had two slices – yes, it was that good.

I’m now enjoying some wine and resting on my couch…ah, it feels so good to be home, despite the drama and some arguing.

Black Friday is upon us, but I don’t think I’ll be participating. I’ve never liked it, and I don’t think the sales are that great…maybe because I also never need anything. And the crowds… I just don’t want to deal with it! I live in LA, there are enough crowds to begin with! But tomorrow, I also have a date. Yikes. I’m just a tad bit nervous, just because I always am when it comes to new things, anyway. But we’ll see how things go. Maybe there will be updates!

Another site to share: click here. Someplace I plan to check from time to time.

I think it may be time to go be girly and paint my nails 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your family and food-filled weekend, don’t forget to be thankful from time to time!