Currently Listening to: Kill the Lights by Britney Spears

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Currently Enjoying: my Yelp site! Oh how I miss writing reviews!

Monday of Thanksgiving week, and I can’t wait to go home, partly because I don’t want to go to classes. No work today, so lucky me got to sleep in! And now I’m being a bum, after being one all weekend long. Seriously, I JUST finished an assignment that I was trying to work on for the past 48 hours -_-…and instead of working on a poster last night, what did I do? I went salsa dancing (which was really fun, and made up for the fact that I missed pilates in the morning due to too much fun the night before, woops.) I think I’m slightly turning into a workout addict, and I love it! It truly does make you feel good, and reminds me of my high school soccer days, which I miss so dearly. But that unfinished poster still needs to be worked on!

Ugh, last night I was asked what my hobbies are, and I hesitate at the question, because I really have none! I feel that school work and extracurricular activities and work take up the vast majority of my time 😦

Another link I’d like to share:

Sorry for that slight second of ADD. I was just checking out my pinkish-nude nails and NEEDED to share that site immediately. I wish I could make my nails looks so pretty…I’m still working on getting them evenly painted. Maybe one day, I will accomplish the difficult.

Maybe I should finally get up off my chair and pack or clean for tomorrow, yeah, maybe, just maybe . . .