not Inigo Montoya, of course!! This week I began my second summer session at UCSD: CAT 125 is the class. All the negative thoughts I had about this class have ceased to exist. There are only 8 reading assignments, 3 blog entries, and 1 informal essay. We are also required to watch The Princess Bride and several episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Not bad, right? Well, we’ll see how that goes.

At the moment I am watching The Princess Bride. Before sitting down to view it, and after everyone had learned my class requires that I watch, I was asked whether I have seen the movie before. My reply: “I can’t remember.” When I was younger, my brother and I used to watch a lot of films, without really knowing there title. What makes it even more difficult is that I rarely watch movies today. What I’ve seen can be listed in a matter of minutes, if, of course, I can correctly recall all of the movies. As I am on the 60th minute, it seems to me that some parts of the film are familiar.

Thinking back to my course, a huge focus of the class is on writing, writing to keep your audience interested in what you write, especially writing for jobs and graduate schools. And here I am blogging, in an attempt to improve my writing, as well as learn how to make y thoughts as concise as possible.

Since my last blog was about five months ago, a proper update on my past few weeks/months is appropriate.

First, I took part in a pre-law program at UCI Law School, which rewarded me with a free Kaplan certificate. In other words, I am very fortunate. That program was extremely helpful. Panels filled with attorneys, public defenders, defense attorneys, judges, marines, navy men, and professors. Plus an unlimited amount of knowledge. Now, I can’t believe it’s all over.

The past six weeks I have been interning at the San Diego City Attorney’s Office. That is one exciting opportunity I am lucky to be taking part in. I’m working in the criminal division and I mostly deal with DUI blood packets – additional discovery. I go through  about 50 DUI cases a day, give or take a few, depending on the documents the attorneys request. I used to read almost all of the police reports, but I think I’ve seen a great variety of cases. The majority are alcohol related, and there quite a few drug cases, primarily meth. I’ve been observing the type of people arrested. It seems that there is a pattern, either the young or the old, the unemployed or the self employed, etc, etc. Although, there are those individuals who fall within these ranges.  Why do I observe, why do I care? For one, it’s interesting, and it’s also necessary for my research paper, which I will start, eventually!!

I also began working this summer at a State Farm office in La Jolla. I don’t sell any insurance, I just do administrative things.