I always drift back and forth from wanting to write and forgetting to do so. I am currently in the middle of studying for exams, but I believe this is a much needed step I need to take.

Much had occurred in the past few months: took the LSAT, suffered a break up, began senior year, changed jobs. Those are at the top of my list. How am I doing? O.K. I say. I continually attempt to be optimistic . After all, it’s not the end of the world unless you’re dying or already dead. There’s lots of life to live, and that’s my number one priority.

I stumbled upon this site after browsing facebook: the unlost.

After signing up, this appropriate article appeared on the front page: http://www.theunlost.com/life-in-general/dealing-with-crappiness-the-one-thing-you-must-know/

Appropriate because I’ve just been through a break up, about 3 weeks ago, and want to feel great as soon as possible. This article made me feel good, and I’m not going to lie, even made me smile. We all know that everything is going to be alright one day or the next, but we forget that getting there takes time.

I have so much more I would like to say, but for today, I think it’s best I leave it at that since I’ve got to get some more reading and homework in before I head out tonight and keep my mind occupied.

Forever yours,

the WhiteRussian

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